Besides being a powerful all-purpose computer, the Amiga was an excellent games machine! Here are some of the Amiga games in my collection.

Another World - U.S. Gold

A-Train - Ocean

Blasteroids - Image Works (Mirrorsoft)

Captain Blood - Exxos (Infogrames)

Civilization - Microprose

Cruise For A Corpse - U.S. Gold

Curse Of The Azure Bonds (AD&D) - SSI

Eye Of The Beholder (AD&D) - SSI

Frontier: Elite II - Gametek (Konami)

Hillsfar (AD&D) - U.S.Gold 

It Came From The Desert - Cinemaware / Mirror Soft

Kid Gloves - Millennium

King's Quest VI - Sierra

Knights Of The Crystallion - U.S. Gold

Loom - Lucasfilm Games

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - Gremlin

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Gremlin

Lotus III - Gremlin

Monkey Island - U.S. Gold

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - U.S. Gold (LucasArts)

Pool Of Radiance (AD&D) - U.S. Gold

Pool Of Darkness (AD&D) - U.S. Gold

Red Heat - Ocean

Robocop 3 - Ocean

The Secret Of The Silver Blades (AD&D) - U.S. Gold

Skweek - U.S. Gold

Spitting Image - Domark

Stunt Car Racer - MicroStyle / Microprose

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